Friday, May 20, 2011

This Doomsday Stuff is Getting Old.

forget tomorrow.

i just want december 21, 2012 to get here already. so i can laugh when everyone in the world breaks into chaos about something that’s not even happening and was never going to happen. or watch in amazement and rapture as the world crumbles into dust around me; the christmas tree would topple over, every window in the house would shatter. it’d be like one huge earthquake, except this time the whole world will go down.

an entire planet obliterated, a civilization wiped out. our whole existence vanished, just like that.

basically, i just want 2012 to get here so 1) people will stop talking about it, and 2) so i can see if it actually happens or not. because honestly, i don’t know if it’s real or not, but if it is, would it really be such a tragedy?

it’s not like the apocalypse is anything new, and i don’t mean that in the sense that it’s been so over-dramatized and over-used in the media. what i mean is, it happens every day. every hour somebody dies; a life ends, their everything comes to a close. to them, a world has ended. probably every second, someone kills a spider with their shoe or a broomstick or a piece of tissue paper. my point is, the apocalypse is more of a personal thing than anything else, and the world itself doesn’t necessarily have to be thought of in a physical way. it’ll all happen to us at some point, so why freak out about it? if we’re going to die, we might as well do it in some epic, monumental, cataclysmic way.

wouldn’t it be ironic if people died due to mass panic and nothing even happened? how silly; you can’t run from the world.

people worry about earthquakes and floods and hurricanes and tsunamis, but these are naturally occurring things. the only thing we as human beings can do is accept it and let nature take its course, because we don’t own this planet, this planet owns us. we’re just visitors here, and we should enjoy and appreciate the time we have here instead of wasting it in fear.

what’s interesting to me is how much the mayans knew about space and time and astronomy; how they were able to predict so much of history. and here we are, thousands of years later, sitting around trying to figure it all out. sitting here, trying to learn it all over again. if that’s not proof that society is, in fact, deteriorating in intelligence, then i don’t know what is; the fact that we are moving so far ahead technologically, but can’t wrap our heads around discoveries and lifestyles from thousands of years ago is staggering. technological advancement shows for nothing other than our astounding ability to single-handedly destroy the planet we live on.

if god brought people onto this earth, he’s obviously an idiot, because the world just wasn’t made for human inhabitance. if god brought us onto the world, he must have wanted it to explode.

no, i don’t believe in all this apocalyptic nonsense, but you never know. i guess it’s one of those things where we have to wait to find out.

and in the meantime, stop making history channel documentaries about it. they exist for no other purpose but to scare people into getting them ratings, and they are the most absurd things in the world.