Saturday, March 27, 2010

To understand the misunderstood is to lose sight of the beauty that captures our deepest curiosity. Oh the wonders, the wonders.

If I could be any color in the world, I would probably be black. It's the color I identify with the most; not because I'm necessarily a "dark" person, or because I'm depressed or "goth" or "emo." God, I hate those stereotypes. I don't like funerals, and I'm not transfixed with death, although I think a small part of everyone is. No, I would be black because it's not just one color, it's a mixture of all colors, every color imaginable. It's influenced by every aspect of life, and holds on to tiny fragments of everything it touches. Black doesn't discriminate, but rather embraces each color for their individual personality and incredible uniqueness.

Isn't that what society likes to believe it is? So accepting of diversity and individuality; land of the free, right? We all know the truth. Maybe if we painted the world black, it would cover up all the lies and we could finally stop pretending.

Black doesn't change for anyone. There's no light black or dark black. Just black.
It's misunderstood; degrade it with your criticism and shower it with judgment, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. A color. An emotion. A concept. A piece of mind.
Black is a curious color. =) We don't know what lies beneath it...we can only imagine and interpret.
It represents everything we are afraid of.
On the outside, it appears solid and impenetrable. But drop some water on it, break it's outer-layer, and it's colors bleed out.
Black is fragile, and so am I.

The color black is everything I am, and everything I wish I could be.


  1. I like this one. I guess I've never thought about black before and now you've given me some good food for thought. Hmmm. Thanks for making me use my brain cells. Does this mean you want some new black nail polish?
    Love, Mom

  2. Wow, I really have never read something quite so thoughtful about a color. That is so unbelieveable you can take some of the most interesting things and bring out some of their true qualities through words, what a skill. You just keep getting better and better!