Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Stone Towers.

maybe i don't know what it means but
somehow it was there
that big stone tower, like the kind from
sleeping beauty
romeo and juliet
or any of those nonsensical fairy tales
that trick you into believing
that dreams
can actually be
and there you were, next to me
with that look in your eyes
as if to say
"this isn't worth trying to win
so you quit, swung away
as i kept climbing, smiling
like i always knew would happen
SHOULD happen.
and as i take that last step,
the one i beat you to,
the one i was strong enough to take,
the one game i could finally win,
the rope snaps
i fall to the pavement
in every sense of the word
and you're still there
on the tower
staring down at me
like i always knew
would happen.

you couldn't lose.

i understand.

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