Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apparently Wasting Time is All the Rage in High School.

I'd really like to know what filling out the "Free and Reduced Lunch" form has to do with getting my college textbooks.

Because, just for the record, it's against federal law to withhold college textbooks from a student because they didn't turn in a form which came with a paper specifically stating that it can be turned in at any time throughout the year.

This is exactly why I am just ready to be done with high school.

I come to school on Monday morning ready to work and get settled into all my classes, and I'm told that we're not actually going to be in class until Thursday. What? So for three days, my job is to aimlessly wander around campus for five hours twiddling my thumbs? Are you kidding me?

"We just want to make sure that everyone has time to get all of their papers in and get their textooks before we officially get into the school year," claims the Principal.

But isn't the real reason us upper-classmen have nothing to do because, despite the two-and-a-half month long summer vacation, you still don't have everything figured out? That's why everyone has to wait 'till Wednesday to get our schedules, and why the counselor won't be available all week.

I'm also slightly annoyed at this new method everyone has to follow for getting our college textbooks. I honestly don't understand how printing out our schedules and getting them stamped and walking back and forth from one side of campus to the next and waiting in line for twenty minutes is "preparing us for when we actually get to college and have to pay for our own textbooks." As far as I know, all you have to do in college to accomplish this task is walk to the bookstore, locate the books you need, show the people at the counter your I.D., and pay for them (or buy them off Amazon for a slightly cheaper price). It does not have to be this difficult.

It should take one day to get everyone's papers straightened out, not three. It should take one day to get our schedules taken care of. It should take one day to retrieve the books you need, unless of course you're me and have to stretch it out to two days because this happens...

Me: (Finally gets to the front desk after waiting in line for fifteen minutes). "Hello, I'm here to get my books." (Standing ready with schedule and list of needed books).

Lady at the Desk: "Okay, let's make sure you've got all your papers in." (Pulls out stack of papers with checklist stapled to front). "Well, it seems you haven't turned in your Free and Reduced Lunch form, do you have that?"

Me: "Well, I don't have it at the moment, it's at home." (Confused).

Lady at the Desk: "Well, you can't get your books without it."

Me: "I can bring it tomorrow-"

Lady at the Desk: "Well then you'll have to wait 'till then, I'm sorry."

Excuse me, but what does that form have to do with getting my books? I'm registered for school, I'm signed up for classes, and you won't let me take care of my books because I didn't confirm whether or not I wanted to get a free lunch? It is against the law to make me wait. And of course, the next day someone asks if it's mandatory in order to get their textbooks, and the principal says "no, of course not."

So tomorrow, I finally get my schedule and then do...nothing for the rest of the day.

When I was a freshman, our orientation lasted two days, and we got our schedules on the first day. Why is everything so unorganized this year? The most efficient way to handle everything is to schedule the freshman orientation the week before school starts, so the upperclassmen aren't forced to waste three days doing nothing and being told things we don't need to be told.

Just once, I'd like to start school when it's scheduled to start, is that so much to ask?


  1. Ahhh........it is obvious you are my daughter! I am sorry you are so frustrated. I share your pain! Welcome to the world of chronic ineptness, especially if it involves any government entity. Just try to take it as a lesson learned in patience, because you are going to need it as you navigate through life!! Sometimes these types of lessons are the most valuable....

  2. I am in complete and utter agreement! These first few days have been the absolute biggest waste of time! 3 days to make it go smoother, more like 3 days to give more time for the headache to develop. It is awful. My advice is to just stay strong, haha! None the less, well said, something badly needs to be reformed because this is a major flaw. And like your mom said, maybe it is AR's way of preparing us for the "real world." From what I hear everything is just as ridiculous, if not worse in later life. Waiting for things that honestly shouldn't be delayed is a fact of life.

    Just as an example, I overheard someone talking about a claim to their medical insurance provider being denied and that they are capable of work but they couldn't even walk from the pain. The point of this long winded excerpt is that life is loaded with opportunities to exemplify your honed patience and AR wants to take part in that development. :)

  3. that's so crazy! because i didn't have my free lunch for in, or my gray form, or my interdistrict transfer request and carol still checked if i needed any books and went through that whole process with me. . .

    maybe it's because she's my neighbor. . .lol idk (: you shoulda just gone to carol. none of the other ladies were very nice. . .